Need help eating your veggies?

Eat Your Veggies Institute is an Ottawa-ON based cooking school, founded to help people learn how to prepare healthy and nourishing food with ease.

sushi and plantainThe folks at Eat Your Veggies Institute are an understanding bunch. We know it’s not always easy or convenient to make the healthier choice. And we know it’s hard to find time in our busy schedules to make perfectly balanced, nutritionally sound meals.

Our cooking classes and workshops are designed to teach you how to make delicious, mostly healthy, and generally uncomplicated plant-based meals. We put the veggies in the middle of the plate, and not only that, we make it FUN.

So, if you’re struggling to make changes to your lifestyle – or are seeking social support for your new way of eating – Eat Your Veggies Institute can help.

Local and organic vegetables provided by:


Check out this footage from a recent EYVI class!