Why don’t you have any classes listed yet?

We are still setting up the business. Patience, grasshoppers.  Be sure to check back soon, or follow the Vegan Eats Ottawa FB page or newsletter to be kept informed.  We are targeting April 2016 for our first class.

Who will benefit from the classes offered by Eat Your Veggies Institute?

Anyone, really. But in particular:

  • People who want to take control of their health and diet
  • People who want to learn how to cook easy, healthy and tasty meals
  • People who want to learn how to make more vegan and vegetarian meals
  • People who want a fun night out with their partner or friends
  • People who would like some social support in their quest for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle

Do I have to love cooking to enjoy these classes?

Absolutely not.  EYVI founder Pamela Tourigny dislikes cooking, and that’s what inspired her to launch this!  She wants to help others find shortcuts and ways to work healthy food preparation into their lives, rather than have to structure their lives around trying to eat well.

How is Eat Your Veggies Institute different?

Different from whom or what? 😉  Unlike many cooking courses, EYVI’s classes do not focus on gourmet. We want tasty and healthy food to be accessible and easy, otherwise people will never get into the habit of making it!

Why are your classes demo-only instead of hands-on?

Demo-only classes allow us to offer the cooking instruction at a lower price to you than hands on. We have also found that people like to have the opportunity to soak up the knowledge of the instructors, and collaborate as a group – that’s easier with a demonstration format.  We will offer both kinds of instruction in the future.

Will I get to eat all the things?

Yes, everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to try each of the dishes made.

Will recipes be provided?

Instructors will provide the recipes by email after the class.

Are all of your classes vegetarian/vegan?

All of the classes offered through Eat Your Veggies Institute are vegan. After all, animal ingredients are not from plants!

Are you a fly by night operation?

Of course not.  Our instructors have legit expertise in their field, and EYVI carries liability insurance.  That said, we are a new and a small business so we may not be as sleek and polished as those that have been around longer.